Concrete green wedges

The Supreme Court has overturned a VCAT decision and approved a large place of worship in the Green Wedge at Carrum Downs. The case turned on whether the development qualified as a place of worship.

The Defenders of the South East Green Wedge objected to this proposal because its scale and bulk would be completely out of place in the open ┬ácountryside. It consisted of a double-storey hall to accommodate up to 3500 people, two double-storey buildings, a large two-storey guesthouse with a lift, a caretaker’s dwelling and a big barn, all on a 26.3 hectare site.

There are four outstanding applications for places of worship in the South East Green Wedge, including one with towers as tall as a seven-storey building. If this trend is allowed to continue, our delightful green wedges will soon be transferred into an urban-type landscape dominated by large buildings.

Barry Ross, Hampton