Nillumbik 2020 Election letterbox flyer

Distributed to all letterboxes in the Shire in August and Septeber. Electronic copy here.

Nillumbik GWMP Community Panel Recommendations

Following the sixth and final days work by the Community Panel charged with generating recommendations to the Council the final report of the Panel has been given to Council. You can download it here.

Excessive Bulk and Scale

Melbourne’s Green Wedges are under threat from tourism and other developments involving built forms and associated infrastructure which is excessive in size and extent. This is Alan Thatcher’s paper on the issue, including several case studies.

Small Vacant Lots Review

There are thought to be over 700 lots in the Nillumbik Green Wedge which are under the minimum subdivision size. This discussion paper by Alan Thatcher puts these small lots into the context of Plan Melbourne,  the State and Local Planning Schemes and Nillumbik’s Green Wedge Management Plan. The paper is here.

The Glossop Review

Glossop Town Planning consultants assisted with a review of the Nillumbik Green Wedge Management Plan in 2015, presenting their report in November. The article ‘GWMP Review: Backgrounder‘ refers to it. The report is here.

Professor’s Hill Campaign

In 1982 Ilya Kostetsky, a north Warrandyte resident and architect, applied to Eltham Shire Council for a planning permit to subdivide his land into one-acre lots. The land, Professor’s Hill, was well known for its orchids and floristic diversity. A small part of the...

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Letter to The Age re the South East Green Wedge 13 June 2017

Concrete green wedges The Supreme Court has overturned a VCAT decision and approved a large place of worship in the Green Wedge at Carrum Downs. The case turned on whether the development qualified as a place of worship. The Defenders of the South East Green Wedge...

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About the Green Wedge

“Green wedges” are non-urban areas that surround the built-up urban areas of metropolitan Melbourne and are outside the urban growth boundary The green wedges accommodate agricultural and recreational uses, as well as a variety of important functions that support...

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