What is Wedge Tales?

Wedge Tales is a joint venture between three community organizations: the Warrandyte Community Association, the Friends of Nillumbik and the Green Wedge Protection Group. The joint venture began in 2017 to campaign against an inappropriate development proposal for Pigeon Bank Road, North Warrandyte. You can read our first report of that campaign here.

Warrandyte Community Association

is an active resident group of the Warrandyte community and has a membership of residents of Warrandyte, South Warrandyte and North Warrandyte under the  banner of ‘Caring for the Community’.  Its mandate is to

    • promote all aspects of community life in Warrandyte.
    • Defend the character and heritage of the Township.
    • Protect the environment and encourage restoration and regeneration of native flora and fauna.
    • Protect the Green Wedge (Non-urban areas).
    • Promote sporting, educational, recreational and cultural activities.
    • Defend and enhance community assets.

Friends of Nillumbik

is a Shire wide community group run by volunteers for 20 years. Its purpose is to work to support and promote the environmental and landscape values, neighborhood character, orderly planning and good governance of the Shire of Nillumbik. This may include supporting local council candidates who will further these goals in accordance with our statement of purposes. It envisions Nillumbik as a Shire which

    • protects its Green Wedge as a strategic focus;
    • uses sound planning principles to manage appropriate township development;
    • fosters an empowered and aware community that is able to take action on social, planning and environmental issues;
    • works with the community to achieve common goals.

Green Wedge Protection Group

is a community lobby group which exists to protect the Nillumbik Green Wedge. It got established as an environmental protection group in the early seventies, and was incorporated in 1995 following the creation of Nillumbik as the Green Wedge Shire. Its purposes include

    • working to ensure that residents and public officials of the Shire of Nillumbik act together to protect the environment; develop a high quality urban lifestyle within limited designated areas; and promote a rural lifestyle with sensitive farming and enhanced conservation objectives.
    • Ensuring the Green Wedge is the strategic focus of the Shire of Nillumbik as outlined by the Local Government Review Board’s final recommendation.
    • Providing input to the Shire of Nillumbik and other decision making bodies on any matter considered relevant to the Green Wedge.

The purpose of Wedge Tales is to facilitate joint projects in defence of the environment and to publish news and educational material aimed at increasing community awareness of threats and issues. Managing committee:

Kahn Franke

Greg Johnson

Terry Tovey

Don Macrae

President, Green Wedge Protection Group

President, Friends of Nillumbik

President, Warrandyte Community Association

Editor, Wedge Tales